Re-engineered for a purpose

Our unique business platform is a collaboration of senior, independent specialist lawyers, connected via a unified operating system, which allows us to deliver superior quality legal services to our clients.

We have done this because it is simply a better system for the practice of modern law – learn more.


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts



Nexus was established as a means through which aspiring and accomplished lawyers can practice law as sole practitioners, but with the collegial support of a network of other senior lawyers in a practice system with full administrative backup. Sole practitioners operating under the model have all the benefits, flexibility and autonomy of sole practice, but enjoy the advantages of working under a recognised brand and national structure that promotes referral of work – learn more.

Nexus was founded with the aim to re shape the practice of law to provide better outcomes for both lawyers and clients.
Our system gives lawyers the flexibility to adjust to client needs, to provide a better, value-based service to clients.
Our lawyers work in their own way, with their own clients, free from the constraints of a traditional law firm.

At Nexus…


not problems

We are part of the solution, not the problem. We do better because we only engage highly experienced lawyers.  We focus on the bigger picture and practice law with true commercial pragmatism and a ‘no nonsense’ approach. Where others create issues, we are only interested in outcomes.

Do it once,
do it right

The reality is, you get what you pay for and there is no substitute for experience. Only experienced professionals get it done right first time. We are a network of senior lawyers for exactly this reason. We don’t leverage inexperience, we go straight to the right lawyer for the job to create real value.


Innovative service

Nexus is an Australian industry first – we are a management platform that connects and delivers senior legal expertise to successful business, efficiently and extremely cost effectively compared to traditionally structured firms.  We are not a ‘virtual firm’ or lawyer placement agency, we are a law firm: re-engineered for mutual success.

Value based

Our unique model enable us to offer flexible fee structures including fixed fees, ongoing retainers, on-site contract engagements, and whatever else is most efficient to meet client needs.  The Open Law system allows our lawyers to make those choices with their clients directly. We deliver the practice support and resources behind them.


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