Insider perspective – What’s life really like outside the Big 4?

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What's Life Really Like Outside the Big 4?

By JP Monck | Nexus Law Group Principal – Banking and Finance Regulation 

After a number of years working at big-name accounting / advisory firms, I was prompted to take a significantly risky move; going it alone. I found the results both surprising and encouraging, so thought it only fair to share them honestly.

On an hourly basis, I earn more than I did with a big brand tattooed on my forehead. I get more time with my wife and newborn son than I could have imagined, even with the vaunted flexibility policies, which come with a few handy exceptions and carve-outs.

To that end, I can say life is pretty great out here. I’m also seeing a lot more friends and colleagues taking the plunge, and this provides some awesome opportunities to team up, share expertise, and delight our clients together.

Simply put, it’s every bit as good as that sunny apex on the pyramid scheme called the partnership appeared to be. Really chuffed I didn’t have to take out a life-destroying loan to have the privilege of running my own business.


I’m even more chuffed that I don’t have to deal with politics and turf wars, except on the basis of commercial superiority. Competing on a level playing-field is great fun.

For those of you thinking about it, keep thinking. For those who haven’t, it could be time to start.

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