Lawyers want a good life, not just the money

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Lawyers want a good life

The Financial Review recently ran an article from Katie Walsh, called ‘Lawyers want a good life, not just the money‘. It looked at a LexisNexis survey of more than 500 lawyers and found that 24 per cent wanted a good work-life balance, 22 per cent wanted opportunities to grow, 15 per cent wanted flexible work arrangements and 12 per cent want competitive compensation and incentives.

The idea that lawyers want a good balance between work and life, as well as to be better remunerated and have flexibility is no surprise to us – it’s generally one of the core reasons our Consulting Principals choose to work with us! As one of the few NewLaw firms in Australia we have totally changed the way a law firm can be structured, offering positive industry disruption, while preserving the position of lawyers in society, instead of undermining it.

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