Legal obligations for supervisors in the WA mining industry

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Nexus_WHS Online Training

By Greg Smith | Nexus Law Group Principal – Western Australia

My latest training program, Supervisor Obligations for Safety & Health in the Western Australian Mining Industry is now available as an online program.

The program examines supervisor obligations in the specific context of the Western Australian, Mines Safety & Inspection Act,  providing simple, non-technical principles and guidance, supported by lessons from cases.

You can have a look at the introduction on my website.

You can access the program for $125 (plus GST) per person and bulk discounts are available.

If you are interested in reviewing the program to see if it would work in your organisation, or would like to organise access for your employees, get in touch by email – [email protected]

I can also modify the program for your organisation.  If you have an introduction by the CEO you would like to add , or build an induction as part of the obligations program, or even change the program so that it deals specifically with issues in your business, just drop me a line and we can start a discussion.

If you have any questions, contact Greg Smith at [email protected] or telephone + 618 6166 3599


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