NewLaw founder presents to University students

Posted by | May 11, 2018 | About Nexus | No Comments

Last week our founder, Marcus McCarthy, was a part of a panel of lawyers who spoke at the University of Newcastle’s NeW Space campus.

He chatted to an audience of students about his career, what a job in law entails and the future of the industry. Marcus has an in-depth background and years of experiences, with everything from technological advancements, to the Australian Government, to a plethora of case knowledge – so getting all his thoughts and ideas into a 10-15 minute talk must have been challenging!

After his brief talk, he opened up the floor to general questions, but the session came to a conclusion before all the eager students got a chance to speak. He joined the group for morning tea where the questions continued to pour in. They were thrilled to hear Marcus’ thoughts and interested to gain an insight into the future of law – which is unsurprising considering that is the path most of the students are striving toward!

Image courtesy of University of Newcastle.