OpenLaw is here

OpenLaw™ is a unique cloud-based practice management system that connects a network of senior specialist lawyers into a single operating platform, allowing them to work together seamlessly as one firm for the benefit of the client. Click the wheel to find out more.

OpenLaw enables Nexus to connect high-end, independent expertise with clients under a ‘direct access model’, more cost effectively than traditionally structured firms. The system incentivises collaboration and specialisation, which results in better outcomes for both lawyers and clients, without traditional firm overheads.


Better for Clients

Direct access to senior experts – recognised leaders in law.
Top-tier skill at significantly less cost.
Specialist advice as and when you need it – in house or outsourced.
Industry specific expertise.
Structurally better – connected independent skill is more functional & more powerful.
Flexible pricing options – fixed fees, in-house secondments & retainers.

Business grade smart contracts platform

We are in the business of the future of legal service delivery.  Nexus has built a business grade online portal, OpenLawyer, to help our clients self-generate smart legal documents powered by the experts from the OpenLaw Network, a global alliance of specialist law firms that includes Nexus Law Group. Virtual in-house counsel is now a realty. Find out more here

Innovation brings value

Nexus is a law firm driven by technology.  We build on a traditional firm base but are passionate about doing things better, without the pretense that burdens traditional firm practice. We do not pay lip service to innovation, we are a complete restructure of the law firm itself, to deliver better value to both clients and lawyers at the same time. Our model is designed with one simple idea – build a practice system creates a unified platform for the best skill base on the market, senior independent lawyers.  The fact is, the best lawyers have already left the big firms – we just invented a way to fully connect them as one firm.

Unique Practice Platform – OpenLaw™

The OpenLaw™ practice system is unique in the legal market – we invented it to run an entirely new style of legal practice, designed to seamlessly join a collective of independent, senior legal experts under a single, unified practice platform.  Only Nexus has such a system, enabling us to deliver high-end, independent expertise as one firm under a ‘direct access model’, more cost effectively than traditionally structured firms.

Better for Lawyers

Nexus was established as a means through which accomplished lawyers can practice law independently, but with the collegial support of a network of other senior lawyers behind them, for better client service capability. Our Lawyers enjoy all the benefits, flexibility and autonomy of independent practice, but with all the advantages of working under a strong national brand and practice structure that directly rewards specialisation and team based practice – learn more.

What we are not

We are not virtual business or simple lawyer placement agency – we are a law firm. We are not a traditionally structured firm pretending a pricing or market segment strategy is something new. Nexus is a restructure of the law firm itself, re-engineered for the better, and in that we are unique in the industry. We bring real and positive reform to the practice of modern law. Find out more

Depth of Service

Nexus is a strong boutique commercial firm with a national reach. Our award-winning model has grown to 40 consultant lawyers and staff, with offices and affiliates in every state.  Great lawyers are joining our consultant listings every month. We have an hundreds of external contract lawyers on tap for in-house ad-hoc in-house placements and overflow work. We are connected to an international alliance of specialist law firms in the US, Canada, UK and Asia.  Our lawyers have acted in major litigation and all manner of large scale transactions, significant corporate and property acquisitions, IPO’s and major infrastructure projects. We act for ASX listed companies, major corporate clients and private businesses across a range of industries.

Better Legal Resource

The best lawyers are pragmatic, commercially driven, outcome focused and love their work. They focus on solutions, not problems. Such lawyers do not need or want the strictures imposed by a large corporate law firm culture.  The fact is, most of the best legal talent is already in sole practice for this reason.  We just invented a a way to properly connect them as one.  We believe the connection of independent skill is more powerful than the traditional law firm model – because of the personality traits that drive lawyers away from large firm practice.  Nexus is common sense business model that deals with the realty of great practice, not self-generated perception.

Nexus [Noun: ‘nek-suhs’]: A point of connection; a link between two or more things. A connected group. The core of a matter or situation.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts


There is real strength in collaboration.  No lawyer has expertise in every area but clients need broad and deep expertise to service the needs of modern business.

Nexus lawyers bridges that gap by providing an efficient and direct specialist skill delivery system unlike anything else in the market. OpenLaw allows our lawyers to concentrate on their core skills and work directly with others who do the same. Nexus allows independent experts to efficiently collaborate, so the client always gets the best lawyer with the right expertise.

Our lawyers are independent consultants and recognised experts in their fields, operating from multiple locations nationally, supported by a central hub. They share resources, knowledge and skill through the OpenLaw platform, which means our clients get highly effective, end-to-end legal management by lawyers truly invested in their own careers.



At Nexus…


not problems

We do better because we only engage highly experienced lawyers that focus on the bigger picture and practice law with true commercial pragmatism and a ‘no nonsense’ approach. Others create the problems, we are only interested in outcomes.

Do it once,
do it right

The reality is, there is no substitute for experience. Only experienced professionals get it done right first time. We are a network of senior lawyers for exactly this reason. We don’t leverage inexperience, we go straight to the right lawyer for the job and create real value.


Innovative service

Nexus is an industry first – OpenLaw is a unique practice management platform that connects senior legal expertise to successful business, efficiently and cost effectively compared to traditionally structured firms.  We are not a ‘virtual firm’ or simple lawyer placement agency, we are a law firm; re-engineered for a purpose.

Value based

Our unique model enables us to offer flexible fee structures including fixed fees, ongoing retainers, on-site contract engagements, and whatever else is most efficient to meet client needs.  OpenLaw allows our lawyers to make those choices with their clients directly and we deliver the practice support and resources behind them.