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Are my Casual Employees really Permanent Employees?

As an Employer, knowing whether your employees are Casual or Permanent is critical because, if you get it wrong, the cost to your business can be disastrous.

The question is seemingly simple but, like many aspects of running a business, the answer isn’t always straight forward. Casual employees may not be locked out of the benefits provided to permanent employees.

In this article we consider when a long-term casual will be deemed to be a permanent employee (and thereby entitled to the benefits of permanent employment).

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Debt Funds

The state of the debt fund market

I have met recently with a number of debt fund providers, niche property lenders and market participants.

These are some of my (and other’s) observations about the current state of the market:

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Banks don’t negotiate unless you’re a significant customer, right?

Banks often issue “standard form” documents to customers with the conflicting direction to “please be sure to read this and ensure it is accurate and reflects your circumstances” followed by “just keep in mind that these documents are in standard form and not negotiable.”

So, when will Banks amend their documents and is it worth pouring over the fine print?

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Digital property

Digital assets in the spotlight

There’s a lot to consider when writing up your last will and testament. Dividing your assets and leaving your belongings to your loved ones is a given – but have you considered who will inherit your digital property upon your passing?

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5 Tips for Home Builder Compliance

I come across a lot of builders and contractors who operate under misconceptions as to what their contractual and legal requirements are.

This is not always their fault as the law can be quite complex and difficult to understand and, in some instances, it appears that the advice the builder has received from industry associations or relevant government departments has not been clear, is wrong or has been misunderstood.

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incident register

Health and safety assurance – a response part II

In response to an earlier post about health and safety assurance that was shared on LinkedIn, I received several questions. I thought the questions deserved a bit more consideration than simply trying to respond via LinkedIn, so I have slightly paraphrased the questions below and responded.

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Test safety management before you go away

Test safety management before you go away

As we approach the holidays, social media is abuzz with warnings about accident rates increasing in the lead up to the holidays. For managers who would like a peaceful holiday period, here is simple framework to test whether safety management works. This is also a great test for measuring personal due diligence.

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