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Lawyers want a good life

Lawyers want a good life, not just the money

The Financial Review recently ran an article from Katie Walsh, called ‘Lawyers want a good life, not just the money’. It looked at a LexisNexis survey of more than 500 lawyers and found that 24 per cent wanted a good work-life balance, 22 per cent wanted opportunities to grow, 15 per cent wanted flexible work arrangements and 12 per cent want competitive compensation and incentives.

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What's Life Really Like Outside the Big 4?

How to prepare for jobs that don’t exist yet

It was of interest to read this article, that is looking at how rapidly the workplace is changing. This is something that formed the basis of why Nexus was created. It’s not about doing things in the same way – just because that’s how it’s always been done.

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KCGM v Hanekom case

KCGM v Hanekom video update

By Greg Smith | Nexus Law Group Principal – Western Australia KCGM v Hanekom involved a fatality on a mine site, and looks at the very interesting question of the extent…

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6 Tips for Construction Contract Review

One of the things that I most enjoy about my job, is reading construction contracts. They provide an immediate insight into the way that the drafting party is likely to approach the job.

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