Legal Developments


6 Tips for Construction Contract Review

One of the things that I most enjoy about my job, is reading construction contracts. They provide an immediate insight into the way that the drafting party is likely to approach the job.

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WHS Online Training

Online training programs

After years of thinking about it, I have finally gotten around to moving my training programs to an online format. My first program, Employee Obligations for Safety & Health is now available and you can have a look at the introduction to the program on my website.

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Builders Licence Application

Building Licence Applications NSW – Can a subcontractor and unlicenced person gain the required experience

I wrote previously about the difficulties applicants may have with the often complex and confusing process of lodging an application with Fair Trading for a trade contractor’s licence. This is especially the case where the applicant is engaged by a builder on a subcontract basis, without holding a licence and then seeks to reply on this experience in their licence application.

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