Legal Developments

WHS Online Training

Online training programs

After years of thinking about it, I have finally gotten around to moving my training programs to an online format. My first program, Employee Obligations for Safety & Health is now available and you can have a look at the introduction to the program on my website.

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Builders Licence Application

Building Licence Applications NSW – Can a subcontractor and unlicenced person gain the required experience

I wrote previously about the difficulties applicants may have with the often complex and confusing process of lodging an application with Fair Trading for a trade contractor’s licence. This is especially the case where the applicant is engaged by a builder on a subcontract basis, without holding a licence and then seeks to reply on this experience in their licence application.

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Privacy Law

Clarity needed on privacy laws

The privacy battle between Ben Grubb and Telstra has highlighted the lack of clarity around the definition of metadata and scope of personal information. The Privacy Commissioner’s determination has brought the issue from the political arena into the public eye.

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Construction Contract

Commercially Sensible Contracting

As a developer, principal or contractor, have you ever been in the position of having instructed your lawyers to prepare your construction contract, and get it back uncertain of exactly what the risk allocation in it is.

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Health and Safety

Health and safety assurance

In June 2017 I will be speaking at the AUSA Conference in Hobart, Tasmania on the topic of health and safety reporting: Health and safety performance indicators: Measuring activity, providing assurance or undermining safety.

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