What’s in it for you?

Nexus was established as a means through which accomplished lawyers can practice law independently, but with the collegial support of a network of other senior lawyers behind them for better client service capability. Nexus Lawyers enjoy all the benefits, flexibility and autonomy of independent practice, with the advantages of working under a strong brand and national structure that directly rewards specialisation and referrals.


Unique practice platform

We have created an entirely new and beneficial new practice model for lawyers that did not previously exist. The OpenLaw practice system is the only automated platform in existence that effectively connects independent lawyers together as one embedded law practice. Other lawyer networks may look like us, but without OpenLaw they are just an agency group or ad-hoc lawyer recruitment service – we are a restructure of the law firm itself, not a virtual firm, a fixed price marketing strategy or market segment business. We are not just NewLaw, we are Nexus Law.

Innovation on a Firm base

Any real innovation must come from a strong base. We respect what it means to be a law firm, and so do clients. At the centre of our consultant network is a strong law firm hub, populated by support staff, junior lawyers and paralegals, just like any other firm. We replicate the systems and collaborative functionality of the large firm model for our membership, so they can service their clients better and compete with the bigger firms for better work.

Positive practice future

We are not disruption from outside our industry, we are positively reforming the profession from within with a new and highly beneficial practice option for lawyers that did not previously exist until we invented OpenLaw. We are not a virtual firm or lawyer placement agency. We do not pretend a fixed pricing strategy or segment strategy is innovation – we have redesigned the law firm itself, for the better. We are real, positive structural innovation backed by technology. Join us and be a part of your own positive practice future. Others might look like Nexus but without OpenLaw, they simply can’t deliver in the way we do. We built the law firm that everyone was looking for – not just NewLaw, we are Nexus Law.

Engage with the best

The smartest lawyers are always at the forefront of change. The best and brightest lawyers have been leaving large firms for years – we just invented a way to properly connect that skill base into a unified practice platform. Work with some of the best lawyers in the industry, enjoying complete practice freedom with national practice and support systems behind you. Leverage off a whole bunch of like-minded, great lawyers with complementary skills, from whom you can receive work and have working for you.

OpenLaw practice is better

Service your clients at a level that is impossible in sole practice and far more enjoyable than BigLaw practice. There truly is a better way to practice law and all it takes is a small step away from outdated business models. A Nexus independent practice provides you with your own serious practice platform – flexible, client-focused, free from brutal billing targets, inflexible work schedules, frustrating management and long commutes, giving you the freedom to realise your true potential. OpenLaw is better for our lawyers and as a result, better for their clients. Our lawyers are free to work however they work best and our remuneration metrics significantly outclasses that of traditional firms. We represent a significant opportunity for smart lawyers to get ahead of the curve.

Common sense practice model

We have washed out all the irrelevant bits form the practice of law that do not directly benefit clients or lawyers. We concentrate on building reality, not perception. OpenLaw™ is the only platform that makes the contractor model a real and viable alternative to BigLaw. By getting rid of the competitive tension between independent specialists and hardcoding a team based mentality through direct rewards that far exceed the relative metrics of any traditionally structured firm, we have built a better practice model for all. The old structures are dysfunctional, so we inverted it, to put the lawyers first. Better practice structure means happier lawyers – happy lawyers invested in their own careers do better work – it’s that simple.

Supported Freedom

Openlaw delivers a new and unique practice option for lawyers that did not previously exist in the market. Full practice freedom, without the isolation and lack of resources of a sole practice, with all the benefits of a respected national firm behind you. We provide our lawyers with a collegiate group practice platform, precedents prepared by specialists, direct referral incentives, access to high quality work from other lawyers, business development support, billing systems and compliance support. All geared to give lawyers a better platform to grow and resource clients, on an entirely flexible basis. Lawyers (and clients) flourish in a highly engaging work environment – so we built one. Our system is designed to take the hassle out of running your own law practice, so you can concentrate on what you do best – practicing law.

Build a career for yourself

The reality is, senior employed roles and partnerships in traditional firms are only as secure as the work you bring in for them, so why build and drive your practice for someone else’s benefit? Stop allowing others to feed off your skills and client relationships – create your own rewarding career path and be properly rewarded for your efforts and intellectual capital. Drive your practice by working with our legal technologists to author your own specialist content on OpenLawyer for your clients and others – an online platform for publishing intelligently automated documents available for all members of Nexus, building a passive income base and practice profile for yourself.

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Nexus is expanding its national network and would like to speak with senior lawyers who want to take charge of their careers and enjoy true practice freedom.

We know that sometimes innovation needs explanation, so contact us for a confidential discussion if you would like to understand more about how we work.