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An overview of construction & projects in Australia

17 November 2016 | Construction & Infrastructure |

Nexus has provided an expert chapter on Construction and Projects in Australia, for the Practical Law Global Guides site.
Founder Marcus McCarthy and …

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Setting up a not-for-profit (NFP) or charitable organisation

17 November 2016 | Corporate & Commercial |

Whether you’ve found a cause, wish to set up a charitable organisation or looking to create a charitable sub-entity for your …

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How to obtain an EOT for your construction project

16 November 2016 | Construction & Infrastructure |

Without an express extension of time (EOT) provision in a contract, the law says that the Contractor will have ‘reasonable time’ …

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Unfair contracts regime – what you need to know, what you need to do

10 November 2016 | Corporate & Commercial |

From 12 November 2016, the new unfair contract regime under the Australian Consumer Law will be in effect across Australia. The changes …

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Five tips for managing project delay and construction project delivery

01 November 2016 | Construction & Infrastructure |

Whether it is constructing the infrastructure to connect major roadworks across a city, or building a granny flat in your backyard, …