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High Court Decision Threatens Booming Class Action Industry

09 December 2019 | Finance Transaction Support |

The Situation
Litigation funding (also known as legal financing or third-party litigation funding) has been a major driver of Australian class actions. …

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Does a self-representing solicitor have a fool for a client?

06 December 2019 | Dispute Resolution |

Since 1885 solicitors who represent themselves in Court have been able to recover professional costs for their time acting for themselves, …

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Nexus Lawyers Strengthen S18F Defence Precedent for Home Builders in NSW

04 December 2019 | Civil Contractors and Construction |

Good News for Builders – the Section 18F defence has been expanded
In the Supreme Court case of Strata Plan 83572 v …

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Domestic Violence and the Workplace

02 December 2019 | Employment & Workplace Relations |

Would you dismiss an employee for a single over-the-top reaction if you knew they had been a victim of domestic violence?
A …