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The Eternal ‘Battle of Forms’ – Purchase Orders v Quotations

25 June 2020 | Construction & Infrastructure |

A constant problem in construction and procurement is parties arguing about whose terms apply when both have issued their standard terms.  …

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An interview with Levi Gardner from CRE Insurance

23 June 2020 | Construction & Infrastructure |

In an interview with Levi Gardner from CRE Insurance, Simon Forsteling discusss whether current policies held by or readily available to builders and designers are likely to meet insurance requirements of the Design and Building Practitioners Bill 2019.

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Security of Payment Act – Securing your Cashflow during the Pandemic

19 June 2020 | Construction & Infrastructure |

We understand that cashflow is difficult to maintain in during this pandemic, particularly for the construction industry when site operations have been scaled down to comply with the current social distancing measures.

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Bolstering Consumer Confidence – the practicalities of the Design and Building Practitioners Bill 2019

16 June 2020 | Construction & Infrastructure |

The Design and Building Practitioners Bill (the Bill) has now been passed as of 3 June 2020 and assented on 11 June 2020. An overview of the major reforms introduced by the Bill were discussed in our previous article here. This article digs deeper into the detail of the Bill, and looks at some of the more practical implications on builders and designers.

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Why a Will is Essential

01 June 2020 | Estate Planning |

“I don’t need a Will – I am young and I don’t own anything!” I often hear this from young people and it worries me because it just isn’t right. Particularly considering current world events, I feel compelled to take a moment to set the record straight. If you are over the age of 18, you need a Will and here are the reasons why