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Nexus builds international alliance

Posted by Marcus McCarthy | 19 October 2017 | News & Events

A like-minded approach to innovative legal service delivery on three continents has led to a ground-breaking global NewLaw alliance between Rimon Law (USA), Excello Law (UK) and Nexus Law Group (Australia). It is envisaged that the alliance of the three award-winning firms will be underpinned by an extension of Nexus’ unique OpenLaw™ practice management system, built to connect independent lawyers by automatically capturing and paying referrals between them.

The alliance brings together over 200 lawyers, all with significant backgrounds and impressive clientele.  Alliance firms will share knowledge and strategic capability to service clients globally. Nexus is already a significant player in the secondment space and plans to use this alliance to expand this offering into Asia, in competition with the likes of LOD and Axiom.

“We intend to join like-minded firms throughout Asia to complete the picture on this Alliance. All member firms will have access to the next version of the OpenLaw software and will be able to publish jurisdiction specific documents on our soon to be published online smart contracts platform,” Nexus Managing Partner, Marcus McCarthy, said. “This is a really exciting time for us and we are committed to forging a new and better path for the legal profession, just like Rimon and Excello.”

All three firms were founded so highly skilled lawyers could effectively combine their capabilities, free of the restrictions of practising in traditional large firms. OpenLaw joins their collective expertise under a single, unified practice platform, enabling them to deliver their services under a ‘direct access model.

“As long as there is that shared mindset of ‘connected independence’, the OpenLaw software makes it is easy to plug in all lawyers together globally, even in different firms, as if they were lawyers in the office next door,” Marcus continued. “That is what the system was designed to do – that is a model without borders and there is no upper limit to this practice structure.”

“This is a fantastic development in the NewLaw space, bringing together a solid global resource of great lawyers and, at last, positions a serious NewLaw to compete effectively with the larger global firms. Traditional firms who have been through mergers or formed international alliances wouldn’t believe how comparatively easy this was to accomplish. It’s proof of the viability of the NewLaw approach on a global scale,” Marcus concluded.

CEO of Rimon Law, Michael Moradzadeh said that after initial discussions, they quickly identified the synergy between the respective firms.

“Both Nexus and Excello are great partners for us to expand the international capability of our firm with like-minded businesses,” Michael said. “We couldn’t be happier with this development.”

Excello Law’s founder and Managing Director, George Bisnought, said that Rimon and Nexus are both impressive law firms and committed to the same practice values as them.

“This alliance is just an extension of those values globally, which is highly beneficial for lawyers lucky enough to be part of one of these three firms,” George said.

Thanks to Lawyers Weekly for featuring our exciting news.


About Rimon Law

Rimon has 75 lawyers across 17 locations in the United States, Europe, and Israel, with an office pending in China. Rimon was recognized twice by the Financial Times in its list of most innovative law firms.

About Excello Law

Excello is a global pioneer of the dispersed law firm/embedded consultant lawyer concept. It has five offices in the UK and one in Stockholm, Sweden. It has more than 80 lawyers. Excello Law was awarded COLBA Legal Firm of the Year, Downtown Business Awards Legal Entrepreneur of the Year, The Lawyer Business Awards Best Agile Working Initiative.

About Nexus Law Group

Nexus is at the forefront of NewLaw in Australia, with offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Newcastle. Nexus was the only law firm to be named as a Westpac Business of Tomorrow, a finalist in the Telstra Business awards in 2017, a two-time winner of Boutique Firm of the Year and finalist for the Law Firm of the Year in 2016.


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