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Construction Update: Design & Building Practitioners Act (DAB P Act) Commencement

Posted by Ben Robertson | 30 June 2021 | Civil Contractors and Construction

As previously discussed, the implementation of the Design & Building Practitioner Act is due to commence on 1 July 2021.


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As outlined in previous updates, the legislation will regulate the life-cycle of the construction of class 2 buildings requiring lodgment of declarations certifying compliance of design and/or construction over four stages of the project from:

  1. Before commencement;
  2. Where variations arise;
  3. Before issuance of an Occupation Certificate;
  4. 90 days after issuance of an Occupation Certificate.

In addition the legislation provides for registration of practitioners and a requirement for adequate insurance to be held (albeit that the insurance provisions have a transition period of 2 years).

There is a 12 month transition period to allow industry to adapt to the new provisions with an allowance for staged regulated designs and declarations to be provided on a stage-by-stage basis aligned with separate building certificates that are issued with separate stages of works.

Following that transition period, all regulated designs and declarations for the entire project will need to be provided prior to any building work being undertaken.

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