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Disruption in the Legal Sector

Posted by Marcus McCarthy | 18 February 2015 | News & Events

Legal IT specialists NextLegal have noted: “The digital disruption that has impacted on retail, music and most other industries is very real.   Whilst it has not always been this way, we are each familiar with accessing movies, buying goods, booking travel or undertaking research online. There are many examples of firms that are already well progressed in establishing innovative legal service offerings.   These legal service offerings and other variants, will either directly or indirectly impact on traditional law firms over time.  Australian based offerings such as LawPath, Legal AU, Nexus Law Group, Hive Legal or Law Choice Australia are each working examples of alternative legal service delivery models.”

As an award-winning industry innovator, Nexus understands that innovation isn’t always easy but we would suggest that it is always worthwhile and frequently, technology is at the heart of innovation.  We would also note that, while driving revenue is relevant to any business, technology also (perhaps more importantly) plays a key role in allowing our lawyers to provide responsive client service and in creating an environment in which professionals can operate flexibly.  Click here to read more of NextLegal’s article.

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