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Legal collaboration = satisfaction & value?

Posted by Marcus McCarthy | 12 March 2018 | News & Events

Later this week I’ll be speaking at the first session of the Sydney CBD Business Chamber’s Business Improvement Series, offering my views on collaboration as a business model, not simply a behaviour.

Having recently joined Nexus Law Group to lead its Private Client Practice, it is an ideal time to reflect on the historic focus of the Firm on collaboration between its internal resources to deliver the best outcomes for clients.

Collaboration is a business model that brings discipline and momentum to building both service and enterprise value around service and information and knowledge-based businesses.

We are moving from the service to the experience economy. Many services and experiences for which people trade value are a combination of inputs from multiple providers.

The ‘gig economy’ is one example of value delivery being focused on fast moving opportunities and the need for different kinds of service combinations quickly assembled and delivered. This is the key to client satisfaction and high service value – both perceived and delivered.

Where do you start? I believe by building a collaborative culture not only amongst your internal team and external resources, but also around your client by being their ‘go to’ and ‘big picture’ person.

The highest service value will always be achieved when you are delivering the outcome sought by the client and not just the offering you have in your toolkit.

We have to think differently about how we approach the client or customer experience and how best we become the servant of their value proposition and not merely the vendor of our own.

This event series is led by Your Business GP Pty Limited (YBGP) which is now an affiliated collaborator business to Nexus Legal Group.

YBGP and the Sydney Business Chamber are focused on how businesses can build substantial momentum and value within their operations in this exceedingly lean agile, fast moving world.

Please join us, Thursday 15 March from 9am – 12.30pm at CBD Sydney Chamber of Commerce, Level 23, 45 Clarence Street. Tickets are available here.

If you have any questions, contact Michael Perkins at [email protected]

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