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Management of digital assets and accounts

Posted by Jacqueline Keddie | 03 October 2018 | Estate Planning

“Digital artworks, for example, can form part of a digital artist’s inventory” notes Michael Perkins in this September 2018 Sydney Morning Herald article.  Michael leads the Nexus Lawyers’ Private Client Services practice.

So what’s needed for estate planning for digital assets?

Our post “Assets loaded but locked in the cloud” provides the three hints below for management of digital assets and accounts in the cloud

  1. Passwords management – Keep a list of passwords, maybe use password manager software.
  2. Asset categorisation – List in words, and sketch a mud map on paper, categorising the different types of assets and how they link together. List photos, book titles, bank accounts, social platforms etc.
  3. Records Data Form – Use this to record computers, backup drives, cloud storage (iCloud, Dropbox etc), domain names, online accounts, and other electronic accounts and records. Contact Nexus Lawyers if you’d like a copy of this template.

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