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“What’s really left for lawyers to do?” | Artificial Intelligence in Legal Practice Summit

Posted by Marcus McCarthy | 14 August 2018 | Corporate & Commercial

Exploring how technology has impacted the legal workforce and the need to find new ways to upskill and manage the changing working environment will be the focus of opening discussions at an upcoming Centre for Legal Innovation summit.

Nexus Law Group Principal and creator of the OpenLaw smart document portal, Marcus McCarthy, will join fellow industry experts on the opening plenary panel at the Artificial Intelligence in Legal Practice Summit to be held in Sydney on Friday 31 August.

Together, the panel will be considering the question; “In world of automated legal expertise and AI, what is left for lawyers to do?”

Moderated by Warrick McLean, CEO of Coleman Greig Lawyers, the discussion will consider the variety of technologies and their impact on the industry, with questions including the definition of AI, the future of the legal world, and what jobs in the legal profession will look like in five years’ time.

Panelists will challenge the general assumptions about lawyer/legal work and share their experience, experiments and collaborations in future proofing the legal workforce.

The Summit is a must-attend event for anyone interested in legal technology and AI – lawyers (in firms, in-house, in government agencies and community centres), academics, techies, tech developers, tech engineers, legal start-ups, law firm leaders and managers, HR, knowledge managers, consultants.

Registrations are now open.

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