The business world is not the same.
Why is your law firm?

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Servicing the business of tomorrow

The business world is not the same as it was. Your law firm needs to be able to change with it; or better, your law should be ahead of it, ready to collaborate with you in the way you need, at the speed you need. We are the only firm built from the ground up to be ahead of the curve, where you need us.

How we re-engineered the model

The traditional model of the law firm breeds internal competition and constrains lawyers from practising in the productive, flexible manner that clients want in today’s demanding business climate.

The Nexus model enables senior lawyers to build independent practices within a single firm structure. Lawyers are incentivised to collaborate with other commercially-minded colleagues, allowing the firm to advise clients on the most complex of matters, quickly mobilising senior specialists in accessible teams, cost-effectively and flexibly. This is the way law should always have been practised. And now it is.

If you’re looking for senior lawyers with deep commercial experience and a commitment to practising in a way that guarantees accessibility, pragmatism, flexibility and effective collaboration – you’re in the right place.

How does it work

Nexus is a law firm with multiple ‘hub’ offices nationally. The firm connects senior specialist lawyers, rewarded appropriately for their individual efforts in building thriving practices. In rethinking how a law firm should work, we have designed out the barriers to collaboration and overhead that exist in the traditional model. Our lawyers are eager to collaborate – respecting and drawing on each other’s specialisations; and enjoy the resulting experience of delivering top-tier advice in a client-focused manner.


We are not a ‘virtual’ firm or contrived network — we are a law firm with a unique structure in the legal industry. It is powered by our proprietary OpenLogic™ practice management platform and our online smart contracts platform, OpenLaw™.

Global reach

We are not alone in thinking the old models weren’t working for clients or lawyers. A like-minded approach to innovative legal service delivery on three continents led to a ground-breaking global alliance between Rimon Law (USA), Excello Law (UK) and Nexus.

Our global alliance brings together more than 250 lawyers, all with significant backgrounds and impressive clientele.

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Proven to work

Nexus is the only law firm to be named as a Westpac Business of Tomorrow. It is a two-time winner of Boutique Firm of the Year in the national and Australasian law awards, a finalist for Australian Law Firm of the Year 2016, a finalist in two major law award categories in 2017, and a finalist in the Telstra Business awards in 2017. These accolades are proof we are doing something right.