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Update contracts and register assets to protect against insolvency events

04 December 2018 | Construction & Infrastructure |

It’s time to review and update your insolvent trading clauses and practices! Historically common law came to the aid of an asset owner needing to protect materials, plant and equipment delivered to a buyer which had not yet paid in full. Recent changes to the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) assist such buyers in receipt of unpaid assets even though the buyers are potentially insolvent.

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How selective communication to lawyers protects business

22 November 2018 | Corporate & Commercial |

Lawyers know, but clients need to appreciate, that not all communication of information by a client with a lawyer is blocked …

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North Star – A lesson in complex contracting

08 November 2018 | Commercial Agreements |

Harvesting grain is a precise process where inputs result in outcomes. The same can be said of complex documents - the work you do upfront may ultimately save you thousands.

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14 things I learned from Startup Muster 2018

25 October 2018 | Corporate & Commercial |

Australia's Startup Muster Annual Report 2018 provides credible and vital local data to help start-ups and their collaborators tweak priorities.

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Assets loaded but locked in the cloud

12 October 2018 | News & Events |

Imagine your 40-something wealthy mother died suddenly. You’re her eldest and the sole executor of her will prepared in 2003.
The funeral …

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Management of digital assets and accounts

03 October 2018 | Estate Planning |

So what’s needed for estate planning for digital assets? Michael Perkins explores this topic in this September 2018 Sydney Morning Herald article.

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2018 Master Builders Association Awards

12 September 2018 | Construction & Infrastructure |

Nexus was proud to be part of another fantastic MBA awards evening on Friday night. Congratulations to all the finalists and winners and to the MBA team who put together another great event, Nexus Law Group was proud to be a sponsor.

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“What’s really left for lawyers to do?” | Artificial Intelligence in Legal Practice Summit

14 August 2018 | Corporate & Commercial |

Exploring how technology has impacted the legal workforce and the need to find new ways to upskill and manage the changing …

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Climate Change – A Construction Contractor’s Risk?

02 August 2018 | Civil Contractors and Construction |

Australian Governments at all levels recognise that climate change is occurring.  The NSW Government has gone so far as to publish …

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Elder financial abuse | Panel interview featuring Michael Perkins

09 July 2018 | News & Events |

Getting older isn’t always roses and sunshine with many of our elder citizens falling victim to family members or carers eager …

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STEP conference calls for new digital assets laws

09 July 2018 | Estate Planning |

Nexus representatives Michael Perkins TEP and Jayne Humphreys TEP, joined international experts, financial experts, barristers, lawyers and accountants in Sydney last …

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Simplifying construction contract language

12 June 2018 | Civil Contractors and Construction |

Construction law has its own language and each contract is like a dialect of that language.
If you don’t communicate using the …

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Digital life – the law playing catch-up

05 June 2018 | News & Events |

Consideration of the digital economy and the assets apportioned to it in family inheritance and succession planning are the focus of …

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Family & domestic violence leave

31 May 2018 | Employment & Workplace Relations |

One in four women in Australia have experienced family and domestic violence1 (almost 2.2 million women).  Domestic and intimate partner homicides …

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Are my casual employees really permanent?

14 May 2018 | Employment & Workplace Relations |

As an Employer, knowing whether your employees are Casual or Permanent is critical because, if you get it wrong, the cost …