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Covid-19 Update – HIA Resources Supporting the Housing Industry

Posted by Marcus McCarthy | 15 April 2020 | Civil Contractors and Construction

The HIA has rolled-out some excellent initiatives to help residential builders manage the risk of COVID-19.

The ‘HIA Making space on site’ webpage provides comprehensive industry guidelines for both new home sites and renovation/repair projects.  These guidelines have taken up and implemented all the relevant government restrictions for construction sites during the lockdown.

These guides are available in five languages and are supported by a Homeowner’s Guide and a Site Induction Tool – Making space on site: Site Induction for COVID-19.  The Site Induction tool offers access to a QR code which links to a tailored COVID-19 contactless induction process based on the guidelines.  It can be easily added to a company’s existing safety and induction practices.

All of these materials, including the site induction QR code, are freely available from the HIA’s COVID-19 webpage.

It is extremely important for our economy that the construction industry remains active and strong during this difficult period and these guidelines help builders and owners navigate the rules in order to achieve this.

We applaud the proactive approach the HIA has taken with this initiative and our construction team is happy to assist with any of these requirements or other difficult site-based issues.  Please contact any of our construction law experts on 4961 0002 or 9016 0141 at any time or directly as outlined below.

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