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New family and domestic violence leave entitlement

Posted by Maeve Doyle | 10 December 2018 | Employment & Workplace Relations

National Employment Standard

Parliament has passed an amendment to the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) so that Family and domestic violence leave has been added to the National Employment Standard.

In August 2018, all employees to whom a Modern Award applied were given an entitlement to unpaid Family and domestic violence leave.

Extended Entitlement

This new amendment extends the entitlement to all employees in the Fair Work System from 12 December 2018.

What does the Entitlement provide for?

The entitlement to domestic and family violence leave:

  • allows employees experiencing family and domestic violence to access up to 5 days of unpaid leave to do something to deal with its impacts.
  • applies to all types of employees, including casual employees;
  • is available in full at the commencement of each 12 month period, rather than accruing through the year;
  • does not accumulate from year to year; and
  • is available in full to part-time and casual employees, rather than pro-rated.

This includes (but isn’t limited to) taking time off to:

  • make arrangements for personal safety, or the safety of a family member
  • attend court hearings  and
  • access police services.

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