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Construction Update: Builders License Applications – Can overseas experience count?

16 March 2021 | Construction & Infrastructure |

Recent decisions in the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal (Tribunal) have confirmed overseas experience can be taken into account when considering whether an applicant for a general building license in NSW has enough acceptable experience. Based on two recent cases with NSW Fair Trading, there is now strong legal support for an argument that overseas & other experience should be accepted where it is adequately verified.

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Strata Management Update: Understanding the NSW 2% Defect Bond Scheme – How & when does it apply?

04 March 2021 | Construction & Infrastructure |

The NSW Defect Bond Scheme helps resolve building defect issues for owners in strata by securing 2% of the contract price for rectifying defective building works.

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5 points to consider before filing a development appeal in NSW.

13 March 2020 | Land & Environment Court |

If you are contemplating filing an appeal with the NSW Land and Environment Court, Grant Long has developed a useful infographic …

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The end of Interim Occupation Certificates

19 November 2019 | Civil Contractors and Construction |

Interim Occupation Certificates cease to exist from 1 December 2019 but what replaces them? More stringent certification processes perhaps makes builds …

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Issues of Consent – Is it better to ask forgiveness, than permission?

22 October 2019 | Construction & Infrastructure |

So, is it better to ask for forgiveness than consent? As a planning strategy it is fraught with risk, too much risk to even consider it.

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Nexus welcomes planning & environment lawyer – Grant Long

24 June 2019 | News & Events |

Nexus is delighted to announce the addition of leading planning and environment lawyer, Grant Long to our team.