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Australian Consumer Law Update: The definition of ‘Consumer’ is changing

10 February 2021 | Corporate Finance |

Effective 1 July 2021, businesses in Australia need to be aware of the newly expanded definition of 'consumer' under Australia Consumer Law ('ACL'), which will allow more customers to rely on Consumer Guarantees.

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Australia’s new Payment Times Reporting Scheme will commence 1 January 2021

01 December 2020 | Corporate Finance |

With Australia’s new Payment Times Reporting Scheme commencing 1 January 2021, large businesses in Australia will start the new year having to publicly report their payment practices to small businesses.

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Modern Slavery Act Update: Due to COVID-19, reporting deadlines have changed

29 October 2020 | News & Events |

In April 2020, the reporting deadline for mandatory reporting regime under the Modern Slavery Act 2018 was extended by three months due to COVID-19. This means that businesses now only have six months to prepare and publish their Modern Slavery Statement.