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Webinar: Managing Potential Company Solvency Issues

07 June 2021 | Commercial Agreements |

"It is important directors identify potential solvency issues and engage with the appropriate avenues of support as early on as possible, if they are able to ride out the wake of these domestic and international events," said Nexus Risk & Compliance specialist Colin Miller.

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Consumer Law Update: Telstra fined $50M for unconscionable conduct

01 June 2021 | Corporate Finance |

The Australian Federal Court has imposed the second largest penalty ever under Australia’s Consumer Law on Telstra for unconscionable conduct. "Businesses must be diligent in ensuring conduct with customers does not leave them open to a claim of unconscionable conduct," said Group Principal Colin Miller.

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Consumer Law Update: ‘Unconscionable conduct’ clarified

06 May 2021 | Corporate Finance |

Following a recent Federal Court decision, the scope of ‘unconscionable conduct’ under Australian Consumer Law ('ACL') has been expanded. The recent decision in the Quantum Housing case has established a wider scope for a party to claim in commercial disputes that they were the subject of unconscionable conduct.

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Modern Slavery Act Update: Due to COVID-19, reporting deadlines have changed

07 April 2021 | News & Events |

With the reporting period for the Modern Slavery Act having been extended until 31 March, less than 700 mandatory and voluntary Statements have been published on the Modern Slavery Register. 

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Consumer Law Update: The definition of ‘Consumer’ is changing

10 February 2021 | Corporate Finance |

Effective 1 July 2021, businesses in Australia need to be aware of the newly expanded definition of 'consumer' under Australia Consumer Law ('ACL'), which will allow more customers to rely on Consumer Guarantees.

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Australia’s new Payment Times Reporting Scheme will commence 1 January 2021

01 December 2020 | Corporate Finance |

With Australia’s new Payment Times Reporting Scheme commencing 1 January 2021, large businesses in Australia will start the new year having to publicly report their payment practices to small businesses.