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CyberInsurance – Nexus Lunch & Learn

13 February 2019 | Commercial Agreements |

Cybercrime is increasing exponentially (* see Four Corners link below), making cyber security and #CyberInsurance a necessity or priority in business. Charles Galayini, …

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Discretionary trusts preserve and build multi-generational wealth

08 February 2019 | News & Events |

It’s said that wealth rarely sustains beyond three generations. The pattern of wealth made, and inheritance used and lost is evident …

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Western Sydney’s startling business opportunities and challenges

07 January 2019 | Corporate & Commercial |

Our research identifies six distinguishing features of the economy of Greater Western Sydney. Learn about its youthful population pyramid and food, the "three cities" plan and new airport, industries and employment concentrations, and how the meaning of the word "Asia" evolved over millennia and how understanding that explains the Asianisation of business today.

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14 things I learned from Startup Muster 2018

25 October 2018 | Corporate & Commercial |

Australia's Startup Muster Annual Report 2018 provides credible and vital local data to help start-ups and their collaborators tweak priorities.

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Think different about your health and wearables

12 October 2018 | News & Events |

Sit up and read Steve Blank who writes: "In a few years, home and outpatient diagnostics will be performed by wearable consumer devices."