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What we do

We deliver on all aspects of capital investment strategies for corporate clients. This includes private equity, venture capital and pre‑IPO raisings through to managing and advising on the ASX/ NSX listing process and post IPO listing compliance, disclosure requirements and all other capital expansion needs.

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How we do it

Solid experience allows our lawyers to guide clients through the strategic, procedural and legal aspects of private capital raising and public listings.

We work with clients to determine the most appropriate strategy, timing and method for capital raising at both the early/seed funding and expansion phases.

By collaborating with venture funds, private investors and corporate advisory, we help our clients effectively formulate and realise successful investment strategies to commercialise business value.

We are familiar with:

  • ASX and NSX listing rules and compliance
  • domestic and international capital raisings
  • preferred equity or debt capital lending
  • peer-to-peer lending
  • use of decentralised cryptocurrencies for ICO fundraising
  • the protection of both real & digital assets and structuring for sound business growth

Who We Do It For

We act for companies seeking capital through private raisings or public listings, venture funds, private investment clients, and institutional investors, banks and other financial institutions.