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What we do

We give expert guidance on disciplinary action, unfair dismissal claims and discrimination claims through to enterprise bargaining and industrial action. Our clients rely on our interpretations of employment and workplace legislation and awards and our advice, to ensure they remain compliant through appropriate contracts and policies. They also call on us to run independent and procedurally fair investigations.
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How we do it

As well as advising on contracts and policies, we are able to respond to Fair Work Commission (FWC) and anti-discrimination tribunal applications, Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) investigations, provide advice on industrial relations strategies, and to work with managers to give them the skills and knowledge to run procedurally fair processes and investigations. We also work to protect our clients’ businesses from threats like poaching of key employees or the misuse of confidential information.

Who We Do It For

We have acted for some of Australia’s largest employers and draw on that experience to help our clients manage the legal risks associated with workplace relations.
Nexus’ experts advise private sector SMEs, national corporations, local councils in NSW and not-for-profit organisations across a full range of matters in this area.