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Legal advice today needs to be delivered fast, cost-effectively, collaboratively and in commercial terms.

Those things are difficult to do within the constraints of the large traditional law firm.

So we rethought the whole model.

The Right People

We only invite highly experienced lawyers to practise in our system, which offers greater rewards and allows them to deliver a higher standard of client service.

The lawyers we identify share our frustrations about practising law under the old models. They want better results for their clients and understand how our system gives them the solid platform to deliver that service. They share our commercial, pragmatic, entrepreneurial approach. They want to embrace the future, not be victims of it. They deliver outcomes (not problems). They’re commercially-minded and understand modern business imperatives.

Experience makes things faster

By working with only the most experienced professionals, we’re able to get things right first time, which creates real value for our clients. Our lawyers have deep, industry-specific experience and are recognised experts in their areas of practice.

Technology driven solutions

Everyone is “innovative” today, but not every law firm wrote its own software to re-engineer the very idea of a law firm, so that it could deliver services exactly the way it should have always been delivered.

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Value-based billing

When you rethink the model, you’re able to rethink the way you charge for your services. By taking out many of the costs that weigh down the traditional model, we’re able to provide exceptionally competitive fees structured for certainty and to suit our clients’ needs, whether the fees are fixed, capped or retainer-based.