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We understand that no one solution fits all.

When we engage with a client, we take the time to understand your legal needs, objectives and the issues pertaining to your case.

And given the nature of your requirements, we are able to tailor our billing structure to be support your needs.

This structured service and billing may take the form of:

Fixed or capped fees

Our lawyers will work with you to understand the scope of your needs. Following their assessment of your case, they will quote a fixed or capped fee.

Traditional engagements

For more intermittent legal requirements, we are able to provide quotes outlining a more traditional engagement, based on agreed hourly rates.


For ongoing legal support, a retainer arrangement delivers the comfort of certainty around billing and an on-call lawyer who is integrated and committed to your business.

Retainer clients can increase or decrease their retainer level as frequently as they wish.


A secondment arrangement may work best if you require short-term or project-specific legal support from a lawyer who is on-site.

Clients commonly second Nexus lawyers to scale up or provide additional legal support, for a specific scope of work or when covering a team member’s absence (such as maternity leave).

Secondments can provides certainty of cost and provide access to an in-house lawyer on-site, without increasing employee headcount or on-costs.

Visit Nexus Expedite for more information about how we can support your legal needs with a secondment placement.

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