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We consult with you, identify your needs, and then tailor a solution. Typically, your needs will be met by one, or a combination, of the following engagement options. Sometimes a traditional engagement based on an hourly rate is all that is needed. Sometimes a traditional engagement based on a fixed fee or employing value-based pricing principles is appropriate.

Where you need more integrated support, are looking for certainty of cost and do not want to increase headcount, a retainer or a secondment is a flexible, cost-effective way to get access to top-tier expertise on an on-call, short-term or project-specific basis.

Fixed or capped fees

A fixed or capped fee arrangement works well when cost certainty is paramount. Our lawyers will work with you to understand the precise scope of your needs and will then fix or cap a fee to provide the certainty you need.

Traditional engagements

While much attention has been given to the death of the hourly rate, when you know and trust your lawyer, sometimes a traditional engagement based on agreed hourly rates is all that is needed.


When you need ongoing legal support and want to contain cost, a retainer arrangement delivers the comfort of certainty around billing and an on-call lawyer who is intimate with and committed to your business.

Retainer clients can increase or decrease their retainer level as frequently as they wish, maintaining certainty as they scale or navigate conditions that might require more or less advice.


A secondment arrangement may work best if you’re looking for short-term or project-specific legal support from a lawyer who is on-site. Clients commonly second a Nexus lawyer to scale up their team temporarily, cover a team member’s absence or for a specific scope of work. A secondment provides certainty of cost and gives access to an in-house lawyer on-site, without increasing employee headcount or on-costs. Our lawyers are available for short or long-term placements, tailored to meet your needs.

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