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Anyone who has instructed law firms, especially larger ones, knows they can be collections of isolated individuals who are reluctant to pass work between each other — even when the matter is outside their area of specialisation.

We knew technology was an essential part of the solution to this central problem, so we designed our own software expressly to enable real connections between specialist lawyers.


OpenLawTM is a business grade virtual platform driven by the power of independent specialist lawyers, connected by Nexus. We support business and individuals to effectively service their own legal needs using the power of intelligent document generation, seamlessly integrating effective legal support, without the need for time consuming and costly traditional law firm engagements.

Unlike any other online portal, the independent specialist authors on this site publish and personally support their own legal documents and are available anytime to help you navigate complex areas of law.


OpenLogicTM is a unique cloud-based practice management system that connects our network of senior specialist lawyers into a single operating platform, allowing them to work together seamlessly as one firm for the benefit of the client.

We built it to directly reward collaboration among specialists, under fair and open remuneration structures, to get better results for our clients and for the lawyers who deliver that service. And, simply because it also reduces the cost of legal services.