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Is Nexus a virtual firm?

No. Nexus is more like a chambers practice with physical hub offices located nationally.

What makes Nexus different from other firms in the NewLaw space?

In short, the embedded nature of the relationship, which removes competitive tension and encourages cross referral and specialisation.
Unlike other independent lawyer networks, Nexus lawyers don’t have one leg in and one leg out. They work in an embedded and connected way using consistent branding and integrated systems. This allows us to run a highly effective, full-service law firm using independent practitioners and employed lawyers to service clients effectively.
Nexus lawyers are highly engaged in building and maintaining their own practices without any competitive tension with the Hub or other Group Principals.

Does Nexus provide my Professional Indemnity Insurance?


What is the difference between being a Nexus Group Principal and having my own firm?

Our Group Principals are consultants and independent contractors, but we are a single law firm with a “One Team” philosophy and all the administrative support you require, including a unified practice-management system that links all our lawyers together. Because we have a support hub, you are free to concentrate on practising law.
There is significantly greater freedom practising under our model than with a traditional firm, but we are in business together and operate as one team valuing fairness, professionalism and mutual respect.

Can I undertake legal work outside Nexus?

Nexus could not work as a law firm if Group Principals were able to accept the benefits of all we offer while undermining the revenue-sharing model that makes those benefits possible. If you are accepted by Nexus to practise with us, you are choosing to be part of our firm to the exclusion of running your own.

What if I want to take on a contract role?

Nexus lawyers work for their clients where and when they or their client chooses. This includes working in the client’s office full-time or part-time, and on a project, short-term or long-term basis. There are benefits for the client (see our retainers and secondments page). The benefits for the lawyer include stability — while on a contract you can continue to develop a broader practice outside the contract. You also have access to the wide range of expertise within Nexus when your client expects you to know about other areas of law.

Can I offer a ‘non-legal’ consultancy outside Nexus

Giving ‘non-legal’ advice to clients who know you are a lawyer and who might not appreciate your advice is ‘non-legal’ raises a professional indemnity risk for you and Nexus. Therefore, any work that Group Principals undertake that is in any way derived from their persona as a lawyer must be done through Nexus.


How will my clients benefit if I bring them to Nexus?

We deliver the assurance of knowing that they are being advised by a national collective of highly experienced, senior lawyers via a direct-access, low-overhead model. Our model allows us to deliver excellent service, value for money, and flexible fee and service delivery structures and engagement options.

What do I do if a client needs help on a matter but it isn’t in my area of expertise?

A network is essential to servicing clients effectively. With Nexus you can cross-refer entire matters or particular tasks within a matter in the same way as in a traditional firm. The difference with Nexus is that you dictate the nature of the referral and receive a referral fee of 15%.

If I join Nexus but later want to move, can I take my clients with me?

Yes. Your clients are your clients, whether you bring them with you or develop them after you join.

You do, however, get the reassurance of knowing the lawyers you refer work to ARE restrained from approaching your clients.


Will the Nexus model work for me?

Nexus will work for you if you share our “One Team” mindset (see above) and you’re looking for:

How much experience do I need to have?

You must have at least 10 years post-admission experience, specialist expertise and a realistic expectation of portable clientele.

Do I need to have a portable client-base?

An existing client-base is preferred because it makes the transition to establishing your practice within Nexus easier. We understand that many lawyers do great work but do not have portable clients. We will consider capable lawyers who have otherwise strong backgrounds and strong prospects of building a practice. We provide the support necessary to make the building of a practice simpler, but there is no getting around the need to develop clients for yourself if you join Nexus.

Will I earn more with Nexus than with a traditional law firm?

Ultimately this is up to you, but unless you plan to work less, the answer is yes. In a traditional law firm, Lawyers usually earn 20–30% of billings. With Nexus, you will receive 60–70% of your billings and 15% of any billings on matters you refer to others. Use our NextLife calculator to see what this could mean for you.

Do I have to come into the office every day?

Working from a client’s office, home office or in the Nexus office is a decision for each lawyer to make based on what is best for their clients and themselves.

I have already set up my own small practice. Can I still join Nexus?

Yes. Many lawyers step out of Big Law without fully appreciating what it takes to run a law firm. Nexus allows smaller firms and teams to work with us, benefiting from our branding and support systems, and allowing the lawyer to return to what they do best: practicing law.

How much does it cost to set up with Nexus?

The cost of setting up a law firm from scratch is significant; the cost of setting up with Nexus is minimal. You ensure you have Practising Certificate, a laptop and up-to-date software, then we do the rest — including taking care of your professional indemnity insurance.

What if I want to take a break?

With Nexus, you are part of a much larger whole. While away, you can simply refer carriage of matters to a colleague.

What do I get for the 30% Nexus charges me?

You get a law firm.
Nexus gives you everything you need to practise. If you are spending as little as 15% of your time on non-billable practice management, then you would financially be better off with Nexus. We free up the time you spend on non-billable work; this has an exponential effect, as you are free to undertake more billable work and more client development. We handle anything administrative, and you are free to focus on being a lawyer. You can spend the time you would have spent on non-billable work practising law, doing business development or taking a break.
Need specifics? In addition to a national brand and network, Nexus delivers:

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