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Nexus delivers lecture on Corporate Governance to MBA students at Newcastle University School of Business

Posted by Justine Lamond | 26 October 2020 | Nexus News

Nexus Law Group’s Manager Director Marcus McCarthy was invited to the Newcastle University School of Business to present to graduate MBA students on the Foundations of Corporate Governance.

The lecture covered the history and genesis of corporate governance principles through to what it means in practice today, as well as many of the interesting horror stories along the way.

Speaking to students at the seminar, Marcus said: “Corporate Governance is a fundamental part of civil society and economic activity across the globe. Well run companies with strong governance is the foundation for successful business and society as a whole. It is probably one of the most important areas of law for business students to understand and implement in their professional careers.”

The students were highly engaged and it is intended that Nexus will be delivering this seminal lecture series annually for the Masters Degree at Newcastle University.

The session was filmed and we will be posting a highlights reel in due course. 






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