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Nexus Law Group opens new Adelaide office

Posted by Jeremy Duffy | 24 August 2020 | Nexus News

Award winning NewLaw firm Nexus Law Group has announced the launch of its new Adelaide office with the appointment of Commercial Property and Estate Planning specialist and legal technologist, Jeremy Duffy, as its Principal.

Jeremy Duffy is a highly experienced and well respected lawyer with over 30 years’ experience in delivering commercial and succession planning services to the South Australian market. Jeremy is also experienced in legal technology, having created his own online document generation platforms EstateWise and YOOConnect, which he has used to deliver cost and time efficient legal services to clients, such as in the delivery of estate planning and commercial leasing services.

“With his technology background, Jeremy is a great asset to Nexus and we are very excited to have him join us in setting up a formal base in Adelaide. This is part of a longstanding plan to implement our business model nationally with great lawyers who are aligned with our cultural values and innovative practice structure,” said Nexus Law Group Managing Principal Marcus McCarthy, “I am particularly excited about working with Jeremy on some of our technology platforms, including OpenLaw, and targeting quality senior lawyers in South Australia looking for a better working environment for their practice.

“Nexus is a positive revision to the law firm structure that connects independent expertise as one law firm. We are focused on creating a law firm of depth and a solid base upon which our ‘dedicated contract’ lawyers can build a successful and rewarding career for themselves. Jeremy will form part of the leadership team as Nexus expand our teams nationally,” he added.

Prior to joining Nexus, Jeremy was interested in legal innovation globally and looking to build a peer group of like-minded lawyers. “Nexus offered me the platform to implement my vision for a better form of legal practice in South Australia. I believe Nexus offers lawyers the best of both worlds – the flexibility of sole practice with all the benefits and peer support of a large firm,” said Jeremy on joining Nexus. “Its approach to delivering client-first legal support and practice innovation was of great attraction. Being able to access a national network of experienced specialist peers will also allow me to provide a new level of legal support and expertise to my clients in South Australia.”

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