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Nexus Lawyers Pty Ltd (A.C.N 116 644 449) (“Nexus”) is a law firm. This Privacy Statement describes how personal information is collected used and disclosed in alignment with all relevant laws, regulations and obligations.

By using our website or engaging us for our services you acknowledge this Privacy Policy and consent to the terms and practices contained within it and our general Terms and Conditions.


We will collect personal information when dealing with or providing services to potential and existing clients.

Personal information such as contact details, business details, addresses, banking and financial details, occupation details and other sensitive information may be collected by us throughout the course of delivering our services. At the times where these details are collected we will inform you why they are required and relevant in conducting our business with you or on your behalf.

In the course of carrying out our services we may collect other information relevant to your place of work, business relationships, personal life and interests.

Generally, we will request this information in order to:

Without this information we will not be able to provide our services to the best of our ability.


Nexus uses predominantly cloud based computing as a practice management tool. Your personal and sensitive information will be stored using these services.

These services are used to transfer data internally across our practice network to Nexus employees and Consultants located in different states.

We recognise that information may be transferred internationally so that we may conduct our business. Information that is transferred internationally may be subject to different laws and regulations.

Servers used by the software providers of Nexus are located in Australia and storage of those servers and data are governed by the laws and regulations of the States in which they are located.


We may disclose your information with third parties including:

Nexus incorporates other firms and consultants across a broad range of jurisdictions and practices. Your personal information may be shared with these persons so that we may carry out our business with you. Your information may be disclosed to a variety of these practises and consultants so that we may provide you with a comprehensive service.

Nexus complies with all legal, professional and ethical obligations in relation to collecting, using and disclosing your personal information to protect you against unauthorised disclosure or alteration, misuse and loss/destruction of your information.


Nexus maintains an appropriate level of security across its organisation and technical applications to comply with all applicable legal obligations to protect your personal information against loss, destruction, misuse, disclosure or alteration.

At all times Nexus will keep copies or backups of your personal information in a variety of forms and locations to comply with our professional and ethical obligations

Nexus’s website(s) may contain links to other websites or service providers. Nexus is in no way responsible for the security of information sent by you to these websites or the security of the content of those websites. As such we ask that you review the privacy policies of those websites.

The internet may be unsecure, Nexus is in no way responsible for loss or disclosure of information that occurs through email transmission or other means of communication via your public or private connection to the internet.

Nexus complies with the Australian Privacy Principles as set out by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).


A ‘cookie’ is a small piece of data that is sent to your browser whilst you are browsing the internet. When you are browsing on the internet certain websites recognise or respond to the cookies that have been collected by your browser to display information based on the cookies received and contained in your browser. These are most generally used to identify frequent users of site or for advertisement purposes.

Nexus uses cookies stored on your browser for analytical purposes and to monitor traffic. Nexus may use these cookies to send you promotional material based on these cookies.

Nexus will use cookies to allow our servers to recall customised information that you have provided.

Nexus will use cookies to display website prompts where applicable and to ensure that the website user does not continuously receive identical prompts.

Nexus website and programmes will send cookies to your browser. Should you not wish to receive cookies or allow Nexus to use cookies stored on your browser, please consult your browser settings or service provider. We note that should you choose to block or disable cookies this may limit the functionality of our websites.

Nexus complies with the requirements of the Spam Act 2003 (Cth) and restricts emails sent to clients that are not relevant to that client’s engagement with Nexus.

All uses of Google Analytics or cookies are done so in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


You have the right to access some of your information collected and retained by Nexus. You have the right to submit, delete, access or alter information that you have provided to Nexus and make enquiries as to the use and processing of this information.

Nexus will release personal information to you where it believes it is appropriate or subject to data and privacy laws.


Nexus reserves the right to alter or revise this privacy policy at its sole discretion from time to time. Please consult the privacy policy regularly in this regard. Should you have any enquiries about changes to this privacy policy or about information in general we invite you to contact(hyperlink) us.


Nexus strives to comply with the principles enunciated in the May 2018 GDPR Directive in the implementation of this Privacy Policy.