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What we do

Our estate planning service assists our clients with ensuring their wishes are known, articulated and carried out. It may include a detailed investigation of the business, wealth and investment management, and personal interests of our clients.
During the process, we consider the wealth-preservation and succession objectives of our clients, and then help our clients achieve these objectives.
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How we do it

We follow a disciplined approach of undertaking a situation review of our clients’ circumstances and then establishing their wealth-transfer objectives.
We coordinate our services with allied professionals, such as financial planners, accountants and tax advisors, and external consultants as necessary.
We craft the wealth-administration and succession strategies that operate across the business, wealth and personal interests of our clients.
We help our clients deal with the effective administration of their superannuation and other wealth-holding interests.

Who We Do It For

We help individuals, family groups, trustees and the legal personal representatives of our clients.
We help our clients who are supporting family members with diminished capacity.