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What we do

Our Family Law Services are available to assist those in the event of family, marriage or relationship breakdown.

We take the time to ensure our client’s objectives are understood and addressed when assessing any possible settlement outcome.

This process may include a detailed investigation of the financial and domestic contributions, future needs, parenting concerns and practicalities, health issues, wealth/investment management and the personal interests of our clients.

During this process, we work to provide the best and right family law advice to our clients, while also working to minimise the time and costs involved in negotiating a fair outcome for all parties.

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How we do it

We follow a disciplined approach of first reviewing of our clients’ circumstances, and then from the results of this review, we determine the most appropriate course of action to meet our client’s objectives.

We understand that working to secure the best family law outcome for our clients, it can involve many intricate non-legal issues. We work with, and can refer our clients, to wide network of experts and professionals to help resolve these issues.

We can also help coordinate our services with allied professionals such as financial planners, accountants, tax advisors and external consultants as necessary.

Who We Do It For

We act for individuals including parents and children, family and extended family groups.