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What we do

Nexus’ Sports Law team provide expert advice on legal matters within the sporting industry, associated organisations and service providers.

We offer a broad range of legal services to:

  • Athletes
  • Sports’ governing bodies
  • Clubs and Associations
  • Sports management companies
  • Service providers (e.g., health, equipment suppliers).

How we do it

Below are some examples of when you or your club may benefit from engaging a lawyer with expertise in sport:

  • Advising regarding athletes contract disputes or appeals
  • Considering commercial contracts or implementing sports code governance and policies
  • When considering incorporating or registering as a charity
  • Internal governance disputes, crisis management, anti-discrimination regulations and policies
  • Sponsorships, IP licensing and merchandising matters
  • Management contracts, alliance agreements and when buying, selling or franchising of sports clubs
  • Financing for infrastructure projects

Who We Do It For

We have successfully managed for our clients regarding:

  • Multi-party contract negotiations for emerging athlete
  • An appeal to the governing body of a world-class athlete
  • Successful legal due diligence for a sale of sporting franchise
  • Review and advice of executive contracts of retired high profile athletes transitioning into corporate roles
  • Advice on commercial contracts for suppliers for community clubs
  • Representing athletes to defend alleged torts
  • Drafting the governance framework including the constitutions for a federated sporting structure (i.e. clubs, associations and peak bodies)
  • Resolving a governance dispute between a peak sporting organisation and one of their members
  • Structuring and establishing non-profit sporting organisations
  • Assisting a sporting organisation with advice around charity registration and the associated tax benefits