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Disclaimer – Available information not legal advice

Nexus acknowledges that, despite our best efforts to ensure that the information on this website is current and correct, that there may be errors, omissions or information that is no longer current or in line with the values and practices of Nexus.

Nexus does not warrant any information displayed on this website as legal advice in any respect. Nexus will not be held liable for harm or loss associated with the information displayed on this website. The information displayed is not, and must not be considered as legal advice.

Should you require legal advice for any matter please contact us.

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Exclusion of Liability

To the extent that the law provides, Nexus is not liable for any loss or damage of any kind in relation to or arising out of the use of this website, content or services made available through this website.

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Applicable Law

The rights pertaining to this website and any disputes arising out of information, images displayed or your use of this website, are governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia.


Nexus aims to ensure that its website and associate web-based products are accessible to all who wish to use them or otherwise engage with Nexus.

Nexus has kept this goal in mind when designing the website and other associated products. Ease of use continues to be a priority.

Should you have any suggestions on how to improve our website or how accessibility may be improved, please contact us.


Please be aware that you may receive emails and correspondence from organisation and businesses claiming to be Nexus in order to carry out fraudulent activity. This correspondence may consist of offerings of money, notices of legal action against you, notification of deceased estates and advertisements for services and other requests for personal information e.g. banking details.

Should you receive such suspicious correspondence you should not respond, open or otherwise respond to this correspondence as it is unlikely that such correspondence came from Nexus. Should you receive any suspicious correspondence we ask that you contact us immediately. Nexus will then forward the details of the fraudulent activity to appropriate law enforcement authorities.